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Modernist Planters, then and now

Bas-relief from the reign of Ur-Nammu, King of Sumer 2057-2030 BC (first depiction of a potted plant)

'Spindel' planter designed by Willy Guhl and Anton Bee, 1951.  I knew I had seen it somewhere before...

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Susanne Jensen said...

Very interesting!

Sassy Countess said...

I am so glad that I found you! There is probably some posts on my blog that you will be interested in. I have a great deal of fascination of historic gardens... and plants... and farming... ok, and houses, too. I am now a follower!


agelaius said...

I just finished reading through ALL your archived posts - in between writing at work...first found you when I was doing research on dish gardens four years ago, so it's taken me awhile but loved every chance I got to read all the many and varied topics = btw we have a chair here at Bowood Farms (St. Louis) that mirrors that planter! Can't wait to read your book - soon?!!

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