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Modern Pressed Flowers

Via dezeen, the timeless art of pressed flowers transformed into three dimensions by designer Ignacio Canales Aracil:

"The flowers are held together without any structure or glue, they stand and stick together as the straw in a hat after being dried and pressed all at once. The roughness of the process which requires lots of physical effort contrast with the delicacy and fragility of the finished sculpture."
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Carol said...

Fascinating! I suppose it could be a hanging lamp shade. Intricate and beautiful. Happiest of New Years to you.

Beyond My Garden said...


Martha said...

Lovely. I wonder how they are made and how the color is treatd to remain so beautiful.

Patty said...

What a creative idea. I like that this sculpture remains three dimensional and you are still able to see all parts of the flowers/plants.

Művelt Kert said...

I've just found this blog and am sure to come back regularly.

That "flower arrangament" may challange our notion of pot pourri :-)


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