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Call for Applications: The 2010 ADAM Architecture Travel Scholarship

I mentioned in the last post that my investigations of the Art Deco garden were funded by a travel grant from Robert Adam Architects (now ADAM Architecture).  In 2010, for the first time, the travel scholarship is open to international applications.  It provides £1500 for research and travel into a significant issue related to architecture (includes landscape architecture!) and urban design.

I can't say enough about how significant it was to my research to have the funding to visit several European countries, as well as British archives in search of "Gatsby's Garden", as I entitled my investigations...if I ever do get to publish that book on the Art Deco landscape (no publisher has picked it up as yet! call me!), it will be in large part due to their early investment in my work, and you'll not meet a nicer group of architects. 

Full details at the ADAM Architecture site...the deadline is May 14th!
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BWS said...

Weird. The same thing happened to me in grad school. Had done my senior honors paper at UNC(Carolina) on Emily Dickinson. Loved her connection to flowers & gardens. Got a distaining look from the Lit PhDs at as a TA in grad school when I mentioned that to them.

Elgin_house said...

Good luck finding a publisher! I would definitely buy a book on art deco gardens--I'm interested in boning up on early 20c American garden design in general.

Until your book comes out, do you have any published articles on the subject? And if so, where could I find them? Or if not, would you be able to recommend a book or two in the area? I'd be interested in either popular or scholarly works.

Best of luck!


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