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Archives of American Gardens at Flickr

Impossibly lovely images from the Archives of American Gardens.  A small selection of their 8000 images, including these historic glass lantern slides from the 1920s and 1930s, is now online at flickr.  The collection also forms the basis of  the book The Golden Age of American Gardens: Proud Owners * Private Estates 1890-1940 by Mac Griswold and Eleanor Weller. 

The second image is of Arcady, formerly in Santa Barbara but now lost to garden history, and my namesake.
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Chookie said...

That second shot is certainly Arcadian! Thank you for sharing it.

Les said...

Thank you for the link. The image of your namesake looks like a Maxfield Parrish landscape. It just needs a few maidens lounging around in diaphanous gowns.

zoe said...

gorgeous! thanks so much for the links!

Shari said...

I enjoyed the combination of garden and history loving! Thanks.

Anonymous said...


historygirl said...

So so awesome, thanks for sharing that link! I'm from New Zealand and we have nothing like this collection.

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