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Arne Quinze's Cityscape, Brussels, 2008

Thanks to reader p.Ol Ghekiere for pointing out that the pavilion previously featured in the posting on nests was not in fact in Berlin, but in Brussels; a work by the Belgian artist Arne Quinze.

The temporary installation, entitled Cityscape, stood for a year (2008) in Brussels' luxury district, before it was dismantled and the wood recycled.

According to the artist, Arne Quinze: 'CITYSCAPE resembles a frozen movement; speed caught in time...If you look at it from a distance, pure movement seems to keep the volatile structure in the air. Sunrays play with the wooden beams; a game of light and shade creates ever-changing patterns. Its immense size - 40 meter long and 25 meter wide - absorbs you. "

Fascinating views of the nest-like construction process are from the artists' website.
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anugreen said...

hello! i was looking through your fantastic blog as I have been asked to design a garden and all she can tell me is that she loves the french style. I came across your posts and they are really helpful for giving the design a go but I am wondering, what would be a good choice of material for edging around the parterre? Thanks!

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