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Toronto Gardens?

Just flagging up that I'll be in Toronto in a couple of weeks for a conference...any garden suggestions? I'll make sure to visit the music garden (above) designed by Julie Moir Messervy in conjuction with cellist Yo-Yo Ma, but would love to hear of others my readers could recommend.
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JCharlier said...

I'm in Toronto a couple times a year and have yet to get to visit this garden, though its on my bucket list. Toronto's a great city.

Libby said...

This site describes some of the most beautiful public gardens in Toronto. The Bridal Path Tour looks amazing, but only one weekend in June.


Phillip M said...

Ken Smiths' Yorkville Park?

alexandra said...

I was just in Toronto and recommend both the garden and the kooky castle Casa Loma. Though not formal gardens, and therefore perhaps not of academic interest to you, in the neighborhood around University of Toronto and in Cabbagetown, there are wonderful cottage gardens to see just walking up and down the side streets. BTW, I love your blog-- I happened upon it by chance and am enjoying reading your archive!

native plant girl said...

look up the Don Valley Brick Works (AKA Evergreen Brick works). If you decide to go, let me know if you want a tour. it's a post-quarry ecological restoration project, the plants community is mostly southern ontario native. let me know if you want a personal tour /company.

Helen said...

Hi, GardenHistoryGirl, if you visit our blog and check the links under Gardeny Spaces in the GTA, I've tried to lasso any decent garden space I know of there. Of particular note in Toronto proper:

- Allan Gardens Conservatory
- Casa Loma gardens, which is almost next door to the Victorian gardens of Spadina House
- Evergreeen Brick Works for a nature space in progress; still nice to see
- High Park
- Mt. Pleasant Cemetery (yes, a cemetery), which has a specimen of every type of woody plant material that can grow in our zone
- Rosetta McClain Gardens
- Toronto Botanical Gardens and Edwards Garden, next door neighbours that each have something to offer; the TBG gardens are fairly new and innovative

Outside Toronto but still in the region are:
- Humber Arboretum in Etobicoke
- Parkwood Estate -- a little-known gem -- in Oshawa
- Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington

You can reach me through my business email (there's a link on our site) if you need more help whittling this list down, or if you need company seeing them! I'll also click the "email follow up comments to" button, just in case.

native plant girl said...

i just want to recommend any recommendations you'll get from Helen :)

arcady said...

Thanks, all! I'm organizing my schedule now to see when I'll have some 'garden time' and will get in touch!

Ivy Lane said...

I think Helen's got you covered! I can't wait to see your posts from your garden visits!!!

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