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Garden History image of the week...Victorian plant markers

From a sale of Victoriana (including some garden items) by Simon Chorley auctioneers. I must start saying that my plants were 'found in Highnam wood'.
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Wicked Gardener said...

It has a much better ring to it than "found in Walmart Garden Center, aisle 12."

Hermes said...

I like these. I remember they found hundreds of markers at Heligan and it helped them identify the plants grown there.

50sgal said...

These are wonderful and was happy to see someone also obsessed with history. Living in 1955 this year may qualify. I studied art history, which not as specific as garden history, probably has similar applications. I adore gardening and will be returning to your blog.

sunday mornings said...

just stumbled across your blog. loving it. how wonderful and unique that you're studying gardening history!

i wonder if there is a place to purchase ceramic/clay plant markers, with custom made labeling nowadays?

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