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Garden History image of the week...Kingsnorth Gardens, Folkestone in miniature

From the Science and Society Photographic Archives, originally published in the Daily Herald in the 1950s:

‘Mr and Mrs Grace of Kingsnorth Gardens, Folkestone have made a model of Kingsnorth Gardens, one of Folkestone's main beauty spots, which is just opposite their house. They have faithfully reproduced the gardens in miniature - complete to the smallest detail, including tiny trees, curving paths, fences, gates, lawns and even tiny fountains which actually play.'

I actually think this is a lovely idea...Versailles, anyone?
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Hermes said...

Great picture that sums up the 1950's (the decade I was born) to my mind.

Chookie said...

Reminds me of the miniature Japanese garden sets they had in the 1920s. I've only read about them, not seen them -- have you?

arcady said...

Hi Chookie,
I'd never heard of these, but they sound fabulous! Do you have a reference? I'll try to find out more. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Ooh, what a fun addition this would be to a children's garden!

www.giurgiuro.blogspot.com said...

truely inspirational! I would like to make a the garden of the gardens... a walk through all the gardens! :) realy nice!

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