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Anne Roberts, Feir Mill Designs

A modern garden artist who worked in the tradition of Thomas Wright until her recent death was Canadian Anne Roberts, whose Toronto design studio Feir Mill created summerhouses, pavilions, temples, gazebos and distinctive architectural pieces from freshly gathered timbers in the 'rustic tradition' for a client list that included Woody Allen, Martha Stewart, and Steve Jobs.

Unlike Wright, who designed for woodland glade and rocky outcrop (and created them where they did not naturally exist), Anne's work settles comfortably into flat open spaces.
Ontario, like my own native Oklahoma, is prairie land.
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Jamie and Randy said...

Very nice, what's the figure in the last photo?

arcady said...

Not sure! I couldn't find any other information about it. Her site simply listed these as 'apple arches' so perhaps the figure was installed by someone else.

Sarah O. said...

I don't remember ever hearing of Roberts, but I have definitely seen that last pictur before. It's interesting that her work does work so well in a prairie setting because the idea of Ontario is so aesthetically dominated by the Algonquin Park/Canadian Shield/Group of Seven kind of ideal.

Carol said...

What a treat to visit your site... love these structures made from fresh cut wood... nothing is wasted. Thank you for the inspiration! Enjoyed the grottos below too!

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