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Can I say that the nanobattery encyclopedia article has gone to the editor? Yes, and with relief. But it seems that my garden history writing is not as in demand as my scientific writing (though it is infinitely more tedious) because I arrived home to two rejection letters. Author friends tell me that this is not very many, really, but still, I have decided to put it into the ether of the internet and the hands of my readers: if anyone out there is (or knows) an agent or publisher who would like to hear more about a book on Art Deco gardens, Gatsby's gardens, the mostly lost gardens where F. Scott Fitzgerald went to parties and Josephine Baker danced and Man Ray took pictures, gardens of jazz and blue and speed and light, just get in touch.

(Teaser images below)

Oh, and if you need, say, a nano-solar cell made I can do that for you too.
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kate smudges said...

I hope that you are to find a publisher! It would be such an interesting book to read. Do you have an account on twitter.com? There are a lot of gardening types there ~ some who work for garden magazines, others are garden designers etc. They may have some great ideas for getting published. Just a thought ~ it can be a bit of a time waster, but might be worth putting some time in...

Hermes said...

Consider self-publishing Anna. Mainstream publishers are only out for the (dollar) but it doesn't mean the books aren't good. Gardening mags here receive over 200 submissions from authors a WEEK and it is hard to break into without a celebrity name.

kompoStella said...

i don't know any publishers, sorry. but i can tell you that i, for one, would SURE like to read that book.

Katya said...

What kind of book are you planning exactly? A sort of coffee table book with some intelligent text, or a more scholarly historical book?

rtb said...

Good luck! Because the garden writing market is very oversubscribed, its a very difficult area to break into. I would suggest trawling through the listings in the Writers and Artists Yearbook.

Sarah Salway said...

I'm going to pass the link of this round to everyone I know because I want to read this book (and not just because I'm a strange stalkery type!!) So good to meet you recently and, speaking as a writer, two rejections is absolutely nothing.

Tara Dillard said...

timber press...storey publishing maybe....good luck. I want to read your book.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara Dillard

arcady said...

Thanks everyone for the enouragement...Katya, I hope the book would be a bit of both types. Scholarly but accessible with lots of pictures because the gardens are so interesting and so little know.

I've had a couple of suggestions that I should twitter, but the thought of adding that to my list of to-dos seems overwhelming.

Katya said...

Have you thought of publishing something shorter on the topic in a journal such as Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes? I think it is a great area, one I am very interested in but not really working on and I would love to read a book on it.

arcady said...

Hi Katya,
I do have an article on the Art Deco garden pending at Apollo magazine, awaiting the editor's decision on which issue it will appear in. Perhaps it will generate some interest in the book

Katya said...

Sounds interesting, will keep an eye out. I think from what I know talking to various people about turning research into books is that articles are a good place to generate interest. I have noticed that The University of Pennsylvania Press has been publishing quite a few garden history books lately. Might be worth investigating. Good Luck.

vbd said...

Besides the Studies in the History of Gardens and Designed Landscapes, you might wanna try publishing an article in JoLA, a peer-reviewed academic Journal of Landscape Architecture, or TOPOS.

arcady said...

Thanks vbd, I didn't know of JoLA or Topos. Good information.

The Diva said...

Gracious, I'd like to read it. I know that much. What an interesting book, and no, two rejections just means you're out there trying.

BTW, I'm not the Diva. That's my daughter, but Blogger wants to think I am. I'm Dee from Red Dirt Ramblings.~~Dee

Timothy said...

Mountaineers Books here in Seattle has a new editor who is interested in garden books.

Timber Press in Portland-- maybe Sunset Books?

I think Sunset Magazine has a book division.

It might pay to get a designer to shape your book up and self publish.

If you decide to go that route, get in touch. But I bet you have your own graphic designer. Your book could be a good candidate for Lulu.com

self publishing 1-1000 books. My dad has used their online service several times, and is happy with the results.

Best of luck.

Timothy Colman
Good Nature Publishing

PS: I deisgn and publish fine art interpretive posters, so not really up your garden path.

zoe said...

i would love to read this book! i don't know anything about finding a publisher, but i always think that books with lovely images in them should go to blurb.com and self-publish, because (a)i've seen the end product of such a book and thought it beautiful (high-quality), and (b)it's print-on-demand, so you don't have to fret about how expensive those books are to make, usually, with a regular publisher. then, when your article is published, it leads people to your book, your blog leads people, if you have a flickr account...etc.
but then it's out there, and it's beautiful, and another publisher can still always pick it up and put advertising $ behind it. but you can also print 10 or so and put them in the local coffee shop, or art gallery, or book store.
just a thought :)

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