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Cupid in the Garden

From the previously posted English Emblem Books project comes this selection from the Emblemata Amatoria of Philip Ayres (1638-1712) which utilizes several garden motifs, including the symbol of a sunflower turning its head to the sun. Ayres was a minor English poet and a friend of Dryden's, and though not his equal in verse, the Emblemata of Love is uniformly charming.

The last picture shown is "The Powerfull Attraction" :

Where e're shee be, the difstance nere so great
mounted on sighs, thither my winged soul
does take its flight, and on her motions wait,
True as magnetick needle to its pole.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Hermes said...

What a good find - thanks.

the ruderalist said...

the ruderalist loves your blog, keep it up.

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