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Inspired by Nests...

...one of the true delights of the garden.

the photography of sharon beals

indoor-outdoor chair by gaspardlive

pavilion in Berlin

children's playswing gerard moline for droog

stick play pavilion by Martin Environmental Design

and it is of course impossible not to think of Andy Goldsworthy...

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Hermes said...

Wonderful, and inspiring. Thanks.

Susan Tomlinson said...

This is totally cool. I'm going to have to spend some time looking at each of these.

I think my favorite is the chairs, though. I do love art that is functional...

My Little Family: said...

Everything is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Benjamin Vogt said...

Looks like I have a summer project to do.

MrBrownThumb said...

awesome stuff. the giant birds nest is too cool for words.

p.Ol Ghekiere said...

The "pavilion in Berlin" is not in Berlin.

It is a instalation of Belgian artist/designer Arne Quinze's "Cityscape" . The enormous wooden sculpture was 131-feet long, 82-feet wide and 39-feet high and stood for year (2008) in Brussels' luxury district.

The aritst built a similar structure 2 years ago at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. At the end of the festival the structure was set on fire.

p.Ol Ghekiere

joann spears said...

A request as a riff on this...maybe a future piece on the history of birdhouses, birdbaths, and bird feeders in the garden? I have just started adding some of these to my own garden, and would love to know some of the background history.

Many of the pieces I have added are pique assiette, which I guess leads to yet another request for a future post...mosaic in the garden.

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