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Helvetica in the Garden

The PBS special on the typeface Helvetica that aired this week made me think about text in the garden; here, a 2007 temporary crossword puzzle installation by studio msk7 at the Berliner Gendarmenmarkt.

photos by msk7 and Gertrude K. and derSven via flickr
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Hermes said...

I'm not good at crossword puzzles but what a super idea this is.

www.MaryAnn.ca said...

That is so neat!

JCharlier said...

Fancy-ing myself a typographer in an era when there are none, I think this is excellent. It'd have been cool if the letters were planted at times so as they grow people would have to figure out what it says. As it is, it's in German and I still can't figure out what it says.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

As a current gardener and former graphic designer, this is just about perfect. I love the scale of it. Reminds me of monograms in knot gardens.

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