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Hanging Gardens of Rock City, 1970

Photo collage, touched with green crayon, by Liliane Lijn, who 'imagined a utopia of green walkways across the rooftops of Manhattan'.
Found at the British Museum, see a larger version here.

Update: Thanks to reader Martha for letting me know that this is part of a series by Lijn, and can be seen on her website, which is full of interesting work.
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Martha said...

I went to Lijn's site http://www.lilianelijn.com and that particular work is called Floating Gardens.

The collection is quite fascinating.

thanks, M

fourjack said...

Tom Stoppard - Arcadia - A play

Árkádia (that's in Hungarian, I have seen the play directed by Tamás Ascher, Budapest, Katona József theatre... GREAT DIRECTION, unforgettable experience - I wish how I can copy here the link, but I can't...)

Arcadia - the title of the play in English...

a fascinating play about among other things about a very interesting garden, or rather about the people creating it, and then moving back and forth in time through the garden...

good luck with your garden history.. take a look at this play too, it might give you ideas... if about nothing else, but time traveling

arcady said...

Thanks for the comment...I've had Arcadia on my list to post about for a while. I've haven't seen it so it's nice to get a positive recommendation from someone who has. I'll try to get to it soon!

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