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How to Grow Cabbages and Cauliflowers Most Profitably

Those inclined towards horticultural and agricultural history will be pleased to find a very thorough bibliography devoted to the History of the American Seed and Nursery Industry and Their Trade Catalogs, compiled by the Smithsonian.

[The 1889 pamphlet of the title is available at Savoy Books, purveyors of antique agricultural manuscripts. It includes two prize-winning essays from a contest sponsored by Burpee, supplemented by recipes for cabbage and cauliflowers by S. J. Soyer, chief cook to the Royal Danish Court. ]
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1 comment:
Martha said...

What a bibliography!

I own a few of those books though they are still on the to-be-read piles scattered around the house.

As you have been reading for your degree, have you found a few books that you could recommend to those of us who would not read that whole list?

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