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Chinese gardens - the naming of the pavilions

Another of my 'take-home' ideas from China is the naming of garden buildings, often connected not only to a sensory experience but also to poetry, art and folktale. A short selection:

The Waterside Pavilion (where you can wash your tassel)
The Moon Comes with Breeze Pavilion
The Watching Pines and Appreciating Paintings Studio
The Hall of Ascending to Clouds
The Hall of Distant Fragrance

And my personal favorite:

The Balcony Free of Frippery
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emmat said...

Oh my god! the listening to the sound of the rain pavilion! I couldn't be any more in love with that idea! Thank you so much for the photo.

Barbee' said...

Every name is poetic and thought arresting. Thank you for sharing.

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