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Another DIY Snail Mount (they're sweeping the country)

If Thomas Tresham's snail mount is too big and the Swedish spiral sod construction is too small, this one may be just right...many thanks to reader Craig, who has kindly sent information on this wonderful construction, carried out by students in Marcia Eames-Sheavly’s Art of Horticulture class at Cornell’s Bluegrass Lane Turf and Landscape Research Center. More information in a Cornell Chronicle article.

Other class projects (including a sod cow named Misty Sue and a turf tiki bar) can be seen at http://www.hort.cornell.edu/art/gallery/index.html.

According to Craig's website, Cornell offers a Master's degree in public garden management.

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joco said...


And there was me hoping to find a fellow snail-cruncher :-)

BTW, isn't Glastonbury Tor the most perfect example of your snail mount?

(Probably somebody already said that.)

West Coast Island Gardener said...

How brilliant to discover your blog and timely.I have wanted to build a a labyrinth in my garden and this may be a perfect solution to the space.


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