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Where to study Garden History, cont'd

Still, it was a big decision and when I packed up and left I was wondering if I'd made the right one.

Each year, the new intakes spend the first weekend of the course together, to bond and break in their wellingtons on some intense walk-arounds of historic gardens.

My group started at Stowe.
Lancelot (later to be Capability) Brown signed the church window to celebrate his wedding there in 1744. I got goosebumps, and knew I was in the right place.

A word to the wise from Professor Mowl: 'Always go in the church'.

And read your Milton.
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kate smudges said...

Good advice! It's interesting to read of how you decided to attend the U. of Bristol for your degree. Finishing in one year would have been challenging. Where you able to get scholarships to attend?

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