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Previous Art Installation in Madison Park and the New York Public Library Image Collection

A previous art installation at Madison Park was this high-rise birdhouse, from an 1871 print in the collection of the New York Public Library. Lovely example of the Victorian inclination to ornament.

Once again, search on 'garden' for a visual feast of images, not just of New York, but of various sites both inside and outside the United States. An excellent resource for the garden historian.

Many thanks to the NYPL for making their collection available...having just returned from Britain I can say that my British friends are unsurpassed at consolidating their historic archives into central locations, but the US is leading the way in making their collections digitally available to all.

Also above, the park in 1893. Note the Victorian-style layout of paths...
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1 comment:
Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I wonder if that was supposed to be a Purple Martin house?

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