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Big Shiny Trees in Madison Park

The work of Roxy Paine installed until February 28th in Madison Park, NYC. Though tree forms from unusual materials are not in themselves terribly unique, I think these are brilliantly sited. I love the way they seem to reach for each other. Paine makes big shiny rocks as well...

See more of her work at the link.
via aestheticgrounds, which is a dialogue on public art.
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kate said...

The interesting thing, to me, is the way the trees frame the tall buildings in the distance. The 'Asthetic Grounds' link is fascinating.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Roxy, a few years back, installed one of these trees outside my office window at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (I teach English). It was a big dealio--people saying it didn't belong among the REAL trees, others that it was fantastic. I'm the latter.

Great blog! I've spent two years almost now researching garden history on the side for a memoir I'm writing about gardening. Lots of stuff I can borrow here! My main source has been Landscape Design by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers. And I'm with you, the socialist marxist stuff can't compare to the actual space and place of a garden.

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