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And speaking of old garden books...

The catalogue that makes my knees go weak is that of Hinck and Wall, antiquarian booksellers with a specialty in garden history. (They also, enviably, own the url gardenhistory.com).

If-wishes-were-horses-and-beggars-could-ride I might choose to own the entire 1913-1969 run of the super-luxe French garden periodical LA GAZETTE ILLUSTRÉE DES AMATEURS DE JARDINS at $8000 the set. Hand-colored plates, high quality photographs, and occasional watercolors, and the source of the lovely image above, another of my Art Deco gardens. Note the stepped 'Aztec' arches; a recurring Deco motif.

Steep prices, but beautiful historic volumes...if you can afford these I envy you.

Oh for pots of money for piles of books!
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Curtis said...

What a treasure to find these in your attic.

kate said...

I don't know that this was such a good thing to find - now I'm lusting after several Hinck and Walls books ... La Gazette illustrée est magnifique. Sigh ... wouldn't it be lovely to run across such books in a second-hand bookstore? No such luck now with the internet.

I enjoy your blog very much - thank you for sharing your knowledge and your finds!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Thanks for the link. I love the idea of your blog, and another Oklahoma gardener. Yeah! I found you on Blotanical.~~Dee

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