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Recommended Blog: Some Landscapes

Recently I've been perusing another blog, 'some-landscapes'. All about the connection between art in all its forms--poetry, painting, sculpture, literature, music--and the landscape. Most of the posts relate to the natural rather than the designed landscape, but it is beautifully written and there is much to inform and inspire the garden historian, especially those interested in the aesthetic debates that surround landscapes. Highly recommended.

Above: 'There is a study for a scene in the room in the Courtauld: Decorative landscape - study for a room at Norbury Park. (by the Irish painter George Barret) But are the actual landscape decorations mentioned by the Redgraves still there? I'd be interested to know. The house is privately owned and not open to the public...'

Do any of my garden history friends know about this landscape or the decorations in the house?
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1 comment:
Carol said...

Hi, I found your blog through Blotanicals. I think garden history is fascinating, and I've added you to my feed reader to keep up with your blog. We can learn so much from how others gardened before us!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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