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Allegory of Botany and the Courtald's Digital Images

by Benjamin West, 18th C. from the Courtauld website, Art and Architecture.
Search on 'gardens' for all sorts of delights.

I think the garden historian is the one at the far right holding the classical column (remnant of a garden temple, no doubt). Now if only I could find a flowing Grecian robe....
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1 comment:
Jim said...

I've stumbled upon your blog and have read every word (there won't be a test, will there?).

I love your site! My interest is in gardening, art, architecture & travel. I find your site to be a kindred spirit to mine. Although yours presents an educated, intelligent, researched, thoughtful, elegant approach.

I enjoy looking at and being in gardens of thoughtful ideas, of any scale or budget or time period. I'm not a student of plants, but design.

Are you familiar with Heritage Landscapes, Inc.? They're working as the historical landscape restorers for a local garden designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Ellen Biddle Shipman that basically doesn't exist now.

Your information is so good, I may have to steel some. Please visit me at www.ArtofGardening.org!

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