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It's a small field

When I told people I was getting a master's degree in Garden History, their first response was usually to laugh. It does have something of the underwater-basket-weaving ring to it. Next they were surprised, as I myself was initially, to find out that it is a serious and scholarly 'field' of study; I would explain that it is much like architectural history, only about landscapes instead of buildings. Then, then, they were fascinated. It only took a little explaining for them to catch on that gardens were--are--so much more than just a pretty place. So much more than just a collection of plants. I hope to share what, and why, with this blog.

History begins with the last moment. So this blog will also include recent garden history...spaces and objects of interest now, as well as what is past. No generation has a lock on what is beautiful or innovative, so the best understanding, the best design, the most satisfying garden places, have some of past and present, now and then.
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